Who we are..

Monitoring Services provides an economical, convenient, and computerized sealed source leak test service. Our kits are designed to help you comply with the regulations of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Agreement States.


Ease of use..

Once you are part of our service, you will automatically be sent the required number of test kits in the month prior to the leak test due date (i.e. if you have 10 leak tests due in June, you will receive 10 test kits in May). When you complete the test, return the kit to us for analysis along with your purchase order or check in payment. There is no charge for the test kits until they are returned for analysis. Get a sample kit here.


Our service..

Our assay techniques will detect any alpha, beta or gamma emitting radionulcide at levels of less than .0001 microCuries. If the analysis of your sample indicates removable contamination of less than .005 microCuries, we will issue a leak test certificate. In the event that the removable activity is greater than .005 microCuries, we will notify you immediately. Written reports are normally forwarded within 3-7 days of receipt of the test samples.

In addition to the standard leak test analysis Monitoring Services performs, we can also help you with disposal, decontamination or other consultation servers.
Please contact us with your needs and we will be happy to see if we can meet them.


E Services..

As a benefit, current customers have access to their sources historical data online and see what leak tests are due for a specific date. Check out our online demo for more details.